E 10th Avenue, 11th Avenue to Oak - Kettle Falls

The project generally consists of the completion of the pedestrian corridor along W 11th and E 10th and the improvement of the bus route along E 10th. This will include completion of the corridor by installing 350ft of new sidewalk on 10th from Oak to Narcissus, 270ft of new sidewalk from the Intersection of Meyer to the crosswalk on 11th, and 265ft of new sidewalk along the South side of the intersection of W 10th, E 10th, Meyer, and 11th. All sidewalks will be 6ft wide and there will be 10 ADA compliant ramps installed. E10th as well as the intersection of 10th, Meyer, and 11th will be removed and replaced with new base and asphalt pavement. The road width will be decreased to 25 feet and the shoulders treated with crushed asphalt from the pulverization of the existing roadway. An additive alternate to the base bid includes installation of 1,500ft of new sidewalk will be added to the South side of West 10th Ave.
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